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What is it?

You, Me and the Bible is a new resource to help two or three friends to sit down together and discover the central message of the Bible. Each of the six sessions contains:

• two short Bible passages to read and talk about
• questions and ideas to stimulate discussion
• a linked summary video to draw the ideas together
• concluding questions to discuss the implications

Watch a video explaining what it is and different ways you can use it.

What are the six central ideas?

The passages in You, Me and the Bible are taken from all over the Bible, and introduce readers to six key ideas in the Bible's message:

• God as our creator and ruler
• Humanity as rebels against God
• God's judgement on our rebellion
• Jesus' death for our sins
• Jesus' resurrection as Lord of all
• The twofold response that all this requires of us.

(You may recognize this as following the well-known Two Ways to Live outline of the biblical gospel.)

What are the components?

You, Me and the Bible has four components:

• the reading guide itself, containing all the Bible passages and discussion questions; this is available as a booklet (from matthiasmedia.com) as well as in digital format at gotherefor.com
• six summary videos (one for each session) as well as a general intro video; these are available for download by following the links in the guide or at right
• a set of lighthearted invitation videos to help with inviting your friends; these are available at right or through Vimeo
• some background notes (PDF 60kb) for the person co-ordinating the Bible reading.

Based on Two Ways to Live

We've put together some fun videos to help you invite your friends to try You, Me and the Bible...

Links to the summary videos for each Part...

» Introduction
» Part 1
» Part 2
» Part 3
» Part 4
» Part 5
» Part 6