The Course Material

To run the course you will need:

➡ a workbook for each person
➡ a leader’s guide (the leader does not also need a workbook—the leader’s guide contains all the material in the workbook (black printing), plus notes and scripts for the leader (blue printing)
➡ a leader’s DVD (assuming you want to use the video input clips rather than teach the material yourself).

There are free samples to download of each of these components below. But you can also order the full materials from Matthias Media or The Good Book Company.

Free downloads

Download Leader’s guide: cover, leader’s introduction, and seminars 1 & 2
Download Workbook: cover, seminars 1 & 2
Download Course brochure (.pdf)

Download Powerpoint slides
Download Invitation letter (.doc)
Download Invitation video (.mp4 32mb) (also available on YouTube)


Sample Videos

Seminar 1:

Seminar 2:

Intensive (Part 2):


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